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The Final One

So now our wedding journey has actually ended – completely. After 3 weddings I can finally say we’re 100% married and I don’t fancy planning anymore.

Like i’ve done with all the weddings, I love sharing some of my favourite moments from the day. But this one has definitely been the hardest to narrow it down. We had a fabulous photographer, Laura. We were over the moon with everything. Her pictures are so spontaneous and natural. She managed to capture each and every detail from the day and truly capture the special moments. Everyone at the wedding found her fun, friendly, and such a hard worker. When she wasn’t capturing a photo of me, she was busy capturing the details around the wedding reception. Her pictures show the wonderful reactions of our friends and family, and we love them!

 So I’ve whittled the photos down as best I can but each and every one is so special, I wish I could have just posted them all.

I made this in Year 5 art class for my Nana’s house. It made me so happy when I saw this photo, reminded me of so many childhood memories.



My gorgeous Maid of Honor


Beautiful Bridesmaid Sorcha


I just LOVE this photo of Minna
So funny – Neco’s face!





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