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Christmas Home Touches

Time the next blog of Blogmas. 

Here is just a quick look at my Christmas decorations for  2016. Everything that you can still buy i’ve given a quick description of down below and where you can buy it. 

First up is the bedding. This is available from Asda- i bought it while I was visiting at the beginning of December. It’s called The Winter Wonderland Bedding and is available here.

The fairy lights above the bed are also from Asda! They are super cute and cosy and are also battery operated. 

Next up is a really cute soft toy from Primark. I thought it just added that little bit of extra cute Christmas spirit while perched on our shelf. 

The final thing festive in the bedroom is the Christmas tree photo holder- Everyone needs a tiny Christmas tree in their room! This was from

The wrapping paper feature is called Vinter 2016! It’s available from 

The festive home decor Santa’s were purchsed at  but I doubt you would be able to purchase them online. It’s a Swedish supermarket! 

Thanks for reading and watching

Charlotte Elisha





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