November Favourites

So Blog 2 of Blogmas is here! And even though November fled by super fast a November favourites blog is a must. A lot of really special things happened in November- some will be my favourite moments for a life time- so they just had to make it into a November Favourites blog.


First is a book I finished during November. All The Bright Places by  Jennifer Niven. It tells the story of two teenagers that both find themselves on the top of their schools bell tower about to commit suicide. It simply about a girl who learns to live from a boy who intends to die. I bought the book all the way back in July as I was travelling to Manchester Airport to finally settle in Sweden. I’d seen it as back of Zoella’s first book club and thought I would give it a try. As you can probably tell it took me a long time to read. I wouldn’t say I’m a slow reader it just depends what else I’m doing or if the book is especially gripping. I did struggle at the beginning with this book, which might make you wonder wy it’s in my November favourites. But after weeks and weeks of not reading it I thought to myself a need to just finish it. So while travelling back to the UK for a week’s holiday that’s what I did. And I fell completely in love with the final section of the book and the ending. For me it was completely unexpected and ruined my cliche ending that i’d been expecting throughout the whole book. I would defiently recommend this book to anyone wanting an unpredictable and challenging read- without giving too much away it possibly isn’t a happy or cheery Christmas holiday book. My favourite part of the book was actually the last few pages of the book which gave helplines and useful websites for young people is they might need someone to talk. I completely forgot these kind of helplines existed and I’m so thankful Jennifer Niven decide to put them in because I had some people in mind that could really benefit from at least knowing they exist too. 

Speaking of Zoella November has been the month that I have been loving her channel and website. Whenever I lack inspiration for a blog idea or how to start something sometimes I head over to her website and take a look at some of her previous blogs to get my motivation and inspiration back . So thanks Zoella!

Next up is something I have mentioned before but why not mention it again… On 5th November I celebrated my marriage in Sweden! It was magical and everything I could have wished for surrounding by all our Swedish friends and a few family members. We played some really funny games with our guests, with some scrummy food and have beautiful photos to remember the day. DSC_0156.JPG

If you want to have a look at a couple of wedding videos just follow this link 

 And here is a few more photos from our wedding that I didn’t manage to post last time!



So that is it for my November Favourites Blog. I hope you have been enjoying these first few blogs of Blogmas and I’ll be back again next week with some super exciting annoucements. 

Happy Blogging X 

Charlotte Elisha






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