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Christmas Throwback: “Row Row Row your boat” in a Christmas Nativity?

Christmas is really one of my favourite times of year. From present wrapping, the school nativity and pantomime visits Christmas is the time of year where I have some amazing memories.  I love reminiscing about Christmass from 2, 3 or even 13 years ago and see how much has changed. From simple things like having my hair braided on Christmas Eve, being allowed to open our presents in our PYJAMAS and not being allowed downstairs until 7pm.

We’d each have a pile of presents wrapped in different coloured wrapping paper so there was no confusion or mix-up. I would always try and suss out who had the “biggest” pile. I was a fast unwrapper, tearing through layers and layers of paper and saying “thanks” to Santa Claus after every toy I wanted that was ticked off my Christmas List. My younger sister was a lot slower but I convinced her that she needed my “help”. Christmas in our early childhood was always at my grandparents house; a house full of delicious food. I always remember taking the squirty cream out of the fridge and squirting it directly in my month… just as my Uncle walked in the room. 


School Nativities were a BIG deal for me. I think it was the start of my youth performance career (if you can even call it that…) In 2004 I got the honour of playing Mary in the nativity and with a pretty cute 3 line solo to sing I felt like a million dollars. $$$$$

One thing I did have to ask my mum about was why the nursery rhyme  “Row Row Row the boat” was used in a Christmas Nativity. I still have no idea. I had a red piece of material attached to my wrist which signified the… sea? And my little mop cap and elasticated pantaloons made me looked like… your everyday rower? But I looked pretty impressed with myself despite my present day confusion. 



It was also my birthday during December. So even though the Christmas tree was up and Christmas cards hanging I was the BIRTHDAY GIRL. I always had great birthdays and 11 days later I would get even more presents. I always felt my birthday took longer because it was in December. 



I think one of my best Christmas presents was my typewriter. I think it was just before laptops were accessible and affordable to children but I wanted something I could type on and pretend I was the next Beatrice Potter. I think it was the Brother TypeWriter and I really loved it for 3 or 4 months. Until the eraser fluid ran out and I never got it replaced. 


As I got a little older Christmas became more about the build-up and preparation. I belonged to Stafford School of Dance for a number of years and Christmas was really one of my nicest moments. We would have Christmas music to dance to and create pretty professional routines. Then on the final week it was “Dress Up” week and we’d be allowed to dress in whatever Christmas costume we liked. It would often be for most people their show costume that they had worn the month before but others would be a little more adventurous… me not so much. 


Excuse the poor quality… but that’s my little pea head with the santa hat in December 2011. 


And this is also me in the middle wearing my mum black turtle neck sweater which made me so HOT while dancing and a spotted skirt from a costume shop that completely fell apart by the end of the day. 

We were crazy and I would always have a couple of presents from the dancing girls and ate so so so much chocolate. As I also helped out in the younger students classes we would also get a really generous present from the head teacher of the dance school


I really hope you enjoy this month of December and the build up to Christmas. Eat loads of food and buy yourself a Christmas jumper. 

Happy 1st of December! 

Happy Blogmas X

Charlotte Elisha



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