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My Turkish Delight: MISSION RELAX.

So June and July for me were months of relaxation and holidaying in Turkey (and also a mini break in Greece) with family and friends. It wasn’t free from the odd mishap or travel problems though;

  • Missing flights
  • Our return flights being cancelled because we missed the first flights.
  • Repurchasing ALL our tickets again at ridiculous prices.
  • Visa issues for my boyfriend.
  • Boyfriend then without his passport.
  • Boyfriend’s passport then travelling to him on a bus risking us missing the boat from Turkey to the Greek island of Samos.
  • Being in Turkey during the military coup.
  • Even leaving had it’s problems, after waiting on a plane for 40 minutes they finally told us it has technical issues and switched us to another plane.


I literally couldn’t have predicted that any of these things would happen. It was almost like everything that could go a bit wrong did. BUT finally we made it and everything came together and I’m still here to “tell the tale”. Despite these hiccups I am so glad and grateful that I had these experiences. It has brought me closer to the people I love and excited for the future. I have a workaholic for a boyfriend/fiancé (I never know which one to write anymore *laughs* I always feel writing fiancé makes me sound so serious. Our engagement is going to be pretty mini so before I know it I can write husband eeekk) so it is often my mission to get him to relax and keep away from his emails! We work and live together so often our social and work life is really blurred. But I think MISSION RELAX was a success. It had its peaceful moments of tranquility and times when I was actually scared and fearful for my nearest and dearest. BUT here are just some of my favourite moments that myself and other managed to capture. Each has it’s own little story.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 18.53.49

Well isn’t this vain. 😉 First picture is of course is me. It shows a lot and a little all at the same time. This photo reminds me that I get to wear cute little summer tops and go make-up free in Turkey.  If I cover my body or face in anything it’ll just melt straight off. I like to be au natural sometimes. Feel like I let my whole body and face have a break while I’m on holiday, as much as it is hot and stuffy, I definitely have fewer layers of everything. Sun cream and mosquito guard was just enough for me. Really gives you a natural glow. 😉


Here we are in Izmir. It was a hot and sweaty day full of travelling, little sleep and walking around in unsuitable shoes. We visited a quaint museum and elevator that showed the whole landscape and stopped for plenty of tea, icecream and water along the way. There was also a super sweet wall full of signatures and names. I obviously had to sign our names on there, something I have never done. It was a lovely memory for me anyway, not sure how my boyfriend felt about it but it’s there to stay!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 00.46.45.png

This picture really makes me laugh but also a slight bit of disappointment towards a bus company. As happy and sun tanned as I may look it is quite deceiving. We were on a bus with 0 air conditioning. In Turkey on a bus full of people some air conditioning is definitely required or have a least something to get the air moving. With all the things that had gone wrong with our travel plans the fact that the air conditioning wasn’t working didn’t really phase me. It was an hour journey and I was using my visa paper as a make shift fan. However, not everyone was in agreement, some people were really angry and requested another bus. One women started having an asthma attack and everyone was screaming to stop the bus, throwing water bottles everywhere and fanning her with pieces of paper. It was quite a spectacle. Eventually the company decided, but also kind of lost control of the passengers, to stop and have another bus with working air conditioning come and take us instead. You never know what can happen when travelling!

— —


We then had a mini break on the Greek island of Samos. It was bliss. With a close friend we had a fabulous time swimming in the sea, drinking mocktails and sunbathing as well as delicious fresh food. We stayed at Elli Studios & Apartments- would definitely recommend them for several reasons! Here is where we took the most photos. Prepare your eyes for beautiful landscapes and cute couple shots! 😉

Enjoying our first night in Elli Studio Apartments. Enjoying delicious food with friends.
Ready for a swim and a relax at the beach. Our friend spotted these beautiful flowers. Perfect photo opportunity.


Time for a boat ride.

These are just a few of the highlights of our trip. They show a small part of our crazy and wonderful holiday that despite its bumps along the way panned out to be the perfect relax we needed. It was nice to disconnect from Sweden and England for a while and reconnect with Turkey again and even Greece.

Greece will always be a special place for me. It was, unknowingly to me at the time, the place I met my now fiancé so will always be that perfection location for us no matter what we are doing. It’s sometimes nice to get away from the mundane tasks of everyday life and switch it up in a new and exciting location. I definitely feel we achieved that on this simple but effective holiday.



Arrived home.


Stay safe where ever you are travelling to. Enjoy it!

Happy blogging.

Charlotte Elisha X





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