June Favourites

June has been a month of new experiences.

TWI-Ramadan-AnimationRamadan: Didn’t think this would ever make it into a favourites blog let alone my life! But it has and I feel so happy to have given Ramadan a try this year. I might not have done it 100% or fulfilled everything I wanted to but I’m happy I was able to experience it along side family and friends. It’s something I’ll definitely consider doing every year.

Reading: One of my goals for summer and particularly during Ramadan was to read more. After months of studying and getting through university I had forgotten what it was like to read for pleasure! I haven’t read as much as I would have liked but definitely started that book worm feeling again.

I have a couple of books I want to mention- one of which was partly in my last months favourites!

download (2)I’m not really sure why this is in my monthly favourites considering it’s not one of my favourite books.”You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay but was one of the books from the Yoga with Adrienne book list. Well it was more “anything by Louise Hay. So this is the one I picked. I’m yet to finish but the several pages I have read have really got me thinking. And I think that’s why i’ve included it. I’ve included it in my favourites because she’s got me thinking about different concepts that I wouldn’t normally have thought about. There’s some really significant phrases and quotes that have helped me and others that I would definitely choose to ignore. I think some of what she writes I take in and reflect on because I completely disagree with it. It’s definitely taught me not to take things on face value and not to believe what you always read. Even from a trusted or recommended author. I’m taking what I want and can from this book and would recommend anyone reading keeps an open mind and an awareness of their own beliefs. I love the way she writes so honestly and goes from topic to topic, and is consistent throughout (what i’ve read so far).  I feel like you’re in a therapy session with her but some the ideas around illness like you can cure cancer by loving yourself more? Really, taking it a step too far. I’ve been reading some other reviews about the book and people really have some quite profound things to say. The thoughts are mixed. 
download.jpegAnother book to quickly mention is the first fiction novel I’ve picked up in a while. It’s called “When God was a Rabbit” Sarah Winman. I picked it up in the charity shop a few months ago and then just never opened it. Then after being faced with the crisis of no books to read during my holiday I threw this one into my suitcase- thinking it would stay unopened. But to my surprise I’m really enjoying it. It’s focussing on one family and the troubles and turmoil they go through; sexuality, cheating, job loss, mid life crisis, jail and death. Even though these seem such intense topics to have all in one book when they are mentioned they just seem to appear without you realising and before you know it you’re half way through and 30 years has passed!
Lush: This month was Lush restocking month! My supplies had been running low so decided to use the website to my full advantage preparing myself for a summer of smelling bdownload (1).pngeautiful and feeling good for it! I decided to get my Shampoo Bar favourite: Montalbano which is lovely and lemony. I always feel fresh and ready for the day after washing my hair in it. I also had to try a new shower jelly. I wanted to repurchase the 92,000 miles shower jelly which really helps achdownload (1)es and pains. It was recommended to me before when I went travelling and was a perfect shower jelly travel companion. Unfortunately, it is an instore exclusive in Sweden so I wouldn’t be able to order it online. Instead I was drawn to the Whoosh Shower Jelly.  I’m pretty impressed with it so far. It’s fresh and vibrant and has really got me going after a hot night in Turkey.
Zoella Sweet Sensations: I thought I would do a whole blog on these products but I think I can manage to say everything I need pretty concisely!
I am really liking Zoella’s new body products. I ordered them from I’m so glad I set a reminder on my phone and got there quick because just a few hours later things were starting to sell out.
I ordered the;
  •  Body Cream “Double Creme” which is my new favourite smelling moisturiser! I never thought I’d want to smell like a macaron but clearly I do. 💓( Considering I started using this as a shower gel Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 17.15.26.pngbecause I didn’t read the label this moisturiser and I are getting on just fine now.😂 ) I can’t moisturise myself enough.
  • Candy Clutch Beaty Bag which is HUGE! I’m using it as a wash bag and put all of my shampoo and other shower things in there. They surprisingly all fit and have really made my holiday easy. I hate going into the shower or wet room in a hotel or any place that isn’t your own home and forgetting something. This bag prevents that from happening.
  • Sweet Inspirations Body Mist which smells quite similar to the Body Cream but I can’t get enough of the smell. I put a spritz here and there when I wake up in a morning and after my shower. It doesn’t last a long as a perfume and it’s one of my first ‘body mist’ type products for a while so don’t have much to compare it too.
 I have to admit that considering the price and Zoella’s younger target group I thought before I received the products they would really lack quality. I don’t know but I imagined they arrived and being like Glitter Babes. Also, I was a bit disappointed they were manufactured in China. I guess that does give the price down for her audience members. But overall I’ve been forced to eat my words! They are really excellent value for money. 
Well that’s all the favourites for June. I’ve left links or full descriptions of everything mentioned in this blog in case you’re interested in purchasing too.
Happy Blogging
Charlotte Elisha X

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