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Steel Diver: Sub Wars

Here’s another review and i’m pretty surprised at how much I’ve ended up liking this freebie from Nintendo. Nintendo announced they be releasing its first free-to-play game, which would be based on Steel Diver. It was brought to us in March 2014! Reviews so far have been mostly positive and this is yet another positive review.  Its available…… Continue reading Steel Diver: Sub Wars

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It was Easter.

Church update number 4 from a while ago.  ‘It’s been just over 2 months since my last update and so many exciting things have happened in that time! With Easter fast approaching, it’s only right that I highlight how important that event is for a Christian as well as filling you in with all the…… Continue reading It was Easter.

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Number 3

Another churchy article from St. Peters magazine! 🙂 So this is my 3rd article for the St. Peters magazine, but don’t worry my creative juices are still flowing so I’ve managed to come up with another exciting and thought provoking tale from my life at university. (Well hopefully)!I’ve been at university now almost half a year, but…… Continue reading Number 3